Inside the Black Gangster Disciple Nation Crack Cocaine Gang-Corporation

In less than 24 hours I completed Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explains the Hidden Side of Everything. Mark Safranski already summarized Freakonomics better than I could, so my “buy this book” post will be a graphical summary of one of the chapters: Why Do Drug Dealers Still With Their Moms?

A heroic grad student named Sudhir Venkatesh worked with a crack cocaine gang — the Black Gangster Disciple Nation — for several years. After attempting to pass out a survey, which began

How do you feel about being black and poor?

(a) Very bad
(b) Bad
(c) Neither bad nor good
(d) Somewhat Good
(e) Very good

This, besides displaying a lack of symmetry between (b) and (d), left off the correct answer ((f) Fuck you) and almost got young Sudhir killed.

Slowly, though, Sudhir gained their trust and discovered the corporate structure of the street toughs.

At the top of the pinacle where the Board of Directors, whose twenty boardmen each earned half a million dollars a year. Life was good for a Director

20-man Board of Directors, at $500,000 per annum = $10,000,000 annual expense for BGDN

Below the Board of Directors are the regional Franchisees. Operating like sheiks, they grossed around $400,000 a year. However, with the Franchisee’s autonomy comes fiscal responsibility. Most of the franchisee’s income has to be spent on expenses, letting the franchisee net $100,000 a year.

100 Franchisees, at $100,00 per annum = $10,000,000 annual expense for BGND

The Franchise of the Black Gangster Disciple Nation studied then had three officers: An Enforcer, who shared acted like Barnett’s SysAdmin, maintaining peace from internal threats

The SysAdmin

A treasurer who, just like in Hall Governments, kept charge of the organization’s money

The Money Man

And a Runner, in charge of logistics.

Amateurs Talk Strategy, Professionals Talk Logistics

The annual salary of three officers was $8,000 per year each.

$8000 / officer / year * 3 officers / franchise * 100 franchises = $2,400,000 / year expense for BGDN

Below the officers were 500 Foot Soldiers. But like the ground troops of the System Administrator, their job is not violence. As the local Franchisee reported:

We try to tell these shorties that they belong to a serious organization… It ain’t all about killing. They see these movies and shit, and they think it’s all about running around tearing shit up. But it’s not. You’ve got to learn to be part of an organization; you can’t be fighting all the time. It’s bad for business.

Like Barnett’s SysAdmin, the foot soldiers are mostly “private sector” — their true job is sales. Each of the 50 Foot Soldiers earned $3,960 (yes, much less than minimum wage) every year.

$3,960 / foot soldier / year * 50 foot soldiers / franchise * 100 franchises = $19,800,000 annual expense for BGDN

Below the Foot Soldiers are 200 “rank and file.” These interns wish to rise to the level of Foot Soldier and pay dues for the chance to one-day rise up the corporate ladder.

$25.50 / R&F / year * 200 R&F / franchise * 100 franchises = $510,000 annual revenue for BGDN

To graph annual income, for an average Director, an average Franchisee, and average Officer, an average Foot Soldier, and an average Rank & File:

Graphically, we can chart the organization structure as:

Corporate Hierarchy

Or more traditionally, looking at the organizational structure as a “flow of security”

Flow of Security

Realizing we can look at the “hierarchy” as just one type of flow, it becomes obvious we can chart the “flow of capital” as well:

Flow of Capital

Which opens questions about the political economy of crack cocaine gangs…

Suffocated by Fat Cats…

However, in Black Gangster Disciple Nation’s defense, foot soldiers do make up the single largest payroll expense for their gang

…Or Starved By Labor?

One might note that if the Black Gangster Disciple Nation is typical of corporate-style crime, John Robb’s suggestions are dangerously wrong.

Interested in learning more? Buy the book.

Update: Stephen J. Dubner, a highly respected journalist and co-author of Freakonomics, was kind enough to link to me on the Freakonomics blog

Dr. Steven D. Levitt, Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago, as well as the other co-author of Freakonomics, was kind enough to comment below.

Update: Over at John Robb, Jamie links to this critique of this gangster of Freakonomics

They do present some anecdotal evidence that the gangsters were not well paid that doesn’t depend on the notebooks, but it’s if anything even weaker. The simple fact that someone lives with his mother is not actually knockdown proof that he is strapped for cash; something like thirty per cent of young Italian men do it for the simple reason that it’s better than cooking and cleaning for yourself. I also think it’s quite naïve to assume that when the gang members (who were, we shall remember, full-time drug dealers) asked Venkatesh to try and get them a janitorial job at the university, this showed that anything, even cleaning toilets on minimum wage, was a better life than the Gangster Disciples. I am hardly the most streetwise guy around, but even I can work out a couple of other possible reasons why a full time drug dealer might want a job which allowed him to wander round a university campus more or less at will. Students buy drugs[5].

Furthermore, even if we take the numbers in the notebooks as reliable, we are faced with the observable fact that crack dealers (even street soldiers) have expensive tastes and hobbies. Even leaving aside the question of trainers and jewelery (on which I have no hard data about ownership to argue against Levitt), it is an undeniable fact that even the most junior members of the Gangster Disciples were able to engage in the hobby of pistol shooting, a popular but expensive middle-class pastime which I would consider to normally be beyond the means of a burger-flipper at McDonalds. The non-salary compensation of JT’s street dealers might be really quite high; access to guns, free admission to nightclubs, favorable deals on stolen goods and clothing, regular social events with local rappers, it all adds up and compares really quite well to the fast food trade, and as far as I can see the informal healthcare plan was also quite generous compared to most mainstream employers in that it covered family members and had substantial death-in-service benefits which would have been worth quite a lot in a neighborhood that was not exactly Hampstead even for non-gang members. I find the seeming absence of any analysis of the non-salary component of compensation quite strange, particularly since the underlying work was done working with a sociologist who would at least have some analytical framework which one might use to measure the value of the benefit to the gang member of being in a gang and thus having some degree of status in a community where status mattered.

Read the whole thing

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86 thoughts on “Inside the Black Gangster Disciple Nation Crack Cocaine Gang-Corporation
  1. John,

    Thank you for stopping by. I admire both of your blogs, and it is an honor for you to comment.

    The Black Gangster Disciple Nation can be compared to the tribal enemies our SysAdmin will face, and that we are now facing in Iraq. Ultimately, the enemy force is just a vehicle for shifting money and prestige to its leaders.

    As such, a SysAdmin will naturally concentrate on buying off enemies when reasonable, coopting enemies when reasonable, and policework when reasonable. In situations such as these, counter-Global-Guerrillaism would merely compound the problem.

    On the page I linked to, you criticized Barnett thusly

    “His SysAdmin force (perhaps brought on by too many years working for Uncle Sugar) a big company bureaucratic approach to a decentralized problem”

    However, to the extent the SysAdmin's main tasks is counter-tribal-warfare, such as fighting the bulk of Iraq's insurgents the BGDN in the US, it is not facing a truly “decentralized” problem. Rather, it is facing a set of small but centralized problems.

  2. Dr. Levitt,

    Thank you for dropping by! I had a wonderful time reading your book. On this blog, through instant message conversations, and in person, I spread the good word.

    A friend of mine, the historian Mark Safranski, noted that your book does have “hidden theme, despite the protests of the authors to the contrary. Their theme is…. Counterintuitive thinking.”

    He also mentioned, “anybody in today's academic world who analyzes the effects of abortion on crime rates or the longitudinal economic effect of ” Black-sounding ” names on children is a man without fear.”

    Fearless counterintuitive thinkers — we need more of those! 🙂

    If BGDN runners do start sending threatening letters to tdaxp, they'll join NationMaster, the Chinese Communists and Islamobolsheviks in the growing list of enemies 😉

  3. Dan, thanks for the answer and I like your blog too. Here's my response:

    The problem is extremely likely to evolve. The Colombian cartels, and even al Qaeda itself, used a hierarchical structure (similar to what you outline) prior to becoming targets of the state. However, once these structures were broken up a new more decentralized and fluid structure emerged that is much more difficult to fight.

  4. John,

    Thank you for the kind words. With your clear writing and extensive background you clearly know what you are saying.

    Indeed, I think we may agree.

    While Global Guerrillaism is not a natural (profit- or power- maximizing) strategy for a network, state persecution of a tribe's vertical command-and-control structure could drive the remnants into something like Global Guerrillaism.

    The solution in most cases is for states to avoid criminalizing as much as possible, and for the rest “managing crime.” I think Japan's history with the Yakuza shows this can work quite well.

    In cases where tribal networks are purposefully destroyed, the state should realize that it may be fighting a very dangerous, GG-style enemy. If a state decides the existing enemy is so wiked that fighting a GG-style enemy is preferable, it may have to utilize loyalist paramilitaries or family liberation

  5. One top tier defense intellectual, one top tier economist – a good day for the tdaxp comment section. Or any blog for that matter. Bravo, Dan !

    You are too kind as well.

    ” The solution in most cases is for states to avoid criminalizing as much as possible”

    Greater legitimacy by trying to control fewer things:

    Nation-State —————————–> Market-State

  6. Mark,

    Thanks! And now having met a speed-dating UPenn evolutionary psychologist, tdaxp is moving and shaking 😉

    Commenters should be the heart of any blog, and I am very, very proud that so many have found the time to write a few works and click “Send.” It makes blogging wonderful. 🙂

    I agree that the Market-State might be a more specialized, more durable form of state in a globalized world. I wonder how, by specializing, a violence-wielding Virtual Caliphate could enjoy greater legitimacy, power, and authority..

  7. Freakonomics is a nice read… reminds me of the movie Pi.

    That said, “Why Do Drug Dealers Still With Their Moms?”

    The book never addresses if the Moms live(d) with the anyone making over 100k a year, and it would not suprise me if they did…

    As for John's comments I would agree, the system worked in the 80's and I don't think you would find any gang like that today.

    – Anonymously

  8. Anonymously,

    The street-level drug deals in the BGDN made far less than 100k a year, so their mothers clearly didn't love with rich workers. It would indeed be interesting if the mothers of the Franchisees or Directors lived with their successful sons. It would be an interest anthropological question.

    American films and TV (particular The Godfather and The Sopranos) would imply not, but besides being instances of white gangs they are also, of course, ficticious criminal enterprises.

    There is some evidence that vertically organized, managed criminal enterprises still exist:

  9. Dan,
    I think the reason you saw the more vertically integrated gang in the 1980s crack market was because drug production had not yet been commoditized. I.e. the cartels were still in power in Columbia, etc.

    One set of data that would be informative would be to look at the meth trade today. All indications are that it is heavily decentralized, especially because the product can be manufactured in country from (until very recently) readily available materials.

  10. U got alot of facts twisted. Not only did u generalize BGDs, but that don't go down every where like that. And I don't think yall recognize that we're lawyers, doctors, soldiers, teachers . . . among other things. Either by the ballot or the bullet, we will acheive world domination. All is one but all aint well. HOYAS we FLIGHT, and my wings aint never droppin while I'm in that 720 stroll. And one more thang, BGD don't mean Black Gangster Disciple no more. u barely scraped the surface of how thangs go down with BGD. By my kings blessed . . . J

  11. To Him for Whom Hoover is His King,

    Thank you for not threatening to kill me. Or sue me. Or just go ahead and censor me. You have proven yourself — and by extension all in BGD — to be more civilized than radical Islamists [1], NationMaster [2], or the Chinese Communist Party [3].

    You have my gratitude.

    What does BGD now mean?

    I recognize that the analysis of BGDN presented in this post is simplified. If it is inaccurate, however, could you explain how?


  12. BGDN is now Born God Divine Nation. Hoover has resquested that we drop the Bs (black) and the Is (Insane) because we are no longer only black, and to be insane is to be mentally dead. Just as he changed GD to mean Growth and Development. Folk is like any other organization . . . we have become corrupt. Many people misunderstand this organization and it's intentions. The problem is that many wannabe Gs claim Folk and don't even know what they're representing. To be in a gang is a quickly growing fad among youth, and they often distort our cause to resemble more that of crips and slobs. We're supposed to be different in that we are eduacted, loyal, and willing to help the minority rise above the majority. We are not supposed to fight each, pollute our minds and bodys with drugs, violate one another with violence, and ever forget the laws that hoover has made for us. All Gs caught violating the True purpose of Folk will be X'd out. Yes, it is true that we sell drugs, but so does the CIA. And it is true that despite our noble intentions that we do stray, but so do so Christians. Did you know Folks marched with Martin Luther King? Not every G is candidate to destruction. All is one but all is not well. Love to my Kings, and love to the G.

  13. By the way, the ranking system is inaccurate. There as so many more officers that operate within the set. This is all the information that I am able to share with somebody outside of the organization. Maybe yall will have a better understanding of our nation. Not all of us are ignorant.

  14. the nation is strong and nothing can break us for we are the brothers of a rightious struggle.

  15. I myself am a BGD living in london and i would have to agree with Dan tdaxp. Being a G is more than just going out and shooting people. It is about growing and disciplining yourself as a person and a nation. I love all my G's from west USA to east to down south, to thouse overseas. But as we all know not every body is true to the G code and instead of looking after family (as family looks after you) they start looking out for themselves. Just like some christians give christianity a bad name just as some gangsters give over gangsters a bad name.


  16. III first of all I do agree with some things that are being said but tha G's in tha south are really judged becuz some of them (not all) are down here making shit up and i do look out for family as family has looked out for me, God bless tha treys, God bless my ways, im 20 years old and i've seen alot of wanna beez. but u cant drop being black cuz ill never sell out my righteous brothers bcuz I do understand that I belong 2 a righteous group of FOLKS III see tha difference is some try 2 be when others was born in, its in my blood line, but I thought I would drop a lil something 4 yall cuz yes not all yungins is stupid or NOT AWARE III err body in tha south aint on no bullshit its real and very much alive III PLENTY MUCH LOVE to all my fellow B.G.D.'s before me III (T.P.) SOMEBODY NEED 2 CHECK THA ONLINE MEDIA BOUT TRASHING OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS CUZ THEY BE TRYING 2 SAY THAT WE ARE CULT-LIKE BECUZ OF OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, I SAY FUCK U AND THA FEDS CUZ THEY THA FIRST CULT, DONT SAY NOTHIN BOUT NO BLACK ORGANIZED GROUP TILL KKK'S ARE PUT 2 A STOP.(T.P.) B.G.D.'s SHOULDNT EVEN BE ON HERE TRYING 2 HELP THESE CRAKERS UNDASTAND CUZ THEY WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND——–>B.G.D.N. CRACK-COCAIN GANG-CORPORATION, THATS SOME BULLSHIT AND ITS DISRESPECTFUL, ALL AINT WELL BUT ALL IS ONE……….. HOLLLA III


  18. Much luv 2 Hoover is My King. U have it totally correct and u are up on ur correct lit and history. The Growth and Development movement has been corrupted because many Folks have not adopted the 720 concept. They do not listen 2 the Chairman laws and polices. They are stil lon the whoel gang bangin life style adn thats totally against our organization. I have never had another brother tell me 2 commit a illegal act or any wrong. We are not a criminal organization like the mafia which the FBI compares us 2. i laugh wen i see police comapring us 2 the crips or callin us BGDs this is niot true. its jus all of the fakes and misguided BOS's are on the wrong path becuz they maybe be in a fake set or are in a bad neighborhood. Hell i luv poor as hell and are struggling right now. I have the choice 2 sell drugs and commit crimes but thats not the way of a true Disciple. But still the money from the board of directors goes 2 legit companys and organizations. such as D.A.D.A. and Ghetto Prisoner Wear Clothing that the feds wotn let ne1 from the chairmans family git any profit from. Its ignorance we sum1 labels a whole group the same thing. and alot ppl group folks and the GDN with thugs and drug dealers. I have known many Folks who have gone 2 college and lived succesful lives. We are human beings and were put into serious disadvantage in our communites. Its hard 2 do good in school and git a real job wen all ur life ur shown the easy way out of a unfair situation. Black, White, Latino it doesnt matter were all brothers of the struggle and will forever strive 4 greatness and sucess in this world. Are real enemy isnt VL's BPS's adn LK's but this corrupt goverenment which will always try 2 make money of the suffering of the weak and poor. All Cant Be Well Till All Is One. G Strollin in 720 Degrees. 3rd World Luv Folks.

  19. well im b.o.s till i die and remember its not about gangbanging we just have luv for this
    organization folk. money mack n murda datz what itz all about. 4 1 0 b.o.s and love to all my kinfolks

  20. Sean Allen, and others,

    I agree that respect is important. A sense of fairness and justice is important.

    I want to thank you for this continuing discussion. Of all the communities on this blog, the BGDN have perhaps been the most respectful and informative.

    Thank you.

  21. Whatever…the bottom line here is that most drug dealers are poor. Here is someone who spent the time to validate that through numerical analysis and investigation. This also fits with common sense as well.

    The irony is of course that popular culture (movies, videos, music, etc.) portray drug dealing or gang activity as being glamorous and extremely lucrative when in reality it is only a very small percentage that make any real money. And well, $500k a year is a great income, especially if you grew up poor, but isn't exactly rich…


  23. Everyone up in this wolrd has to have at least one problem with someone else. what G's Do is look for help from there kinfolk. Thats why we are B.O.S.S. We get with who we like and don't take shit from those we don't. we live LIFE with LOVE for or fellow folks. we Stay LOYAL to those willing to contibute to Nation. We Live with the KNOWLEDGE of knowing that we can die at any instant. Yet We gain our WISDOM from our mistakes and UNDERSTAND, the idea OF MAC MONEY MURDER.
    G love!

  24. You know what it is. I come to all you brothers and sisters of the struggle to show you that 16.13.12 and if ya don't know what that is then I guess it aint for you. I guess that most these ignorante, aint calling no body stupid, if you look IGNORANT up in the webster u will find that it means lack of knowledge. To all the few people that still believe that we(74 Till Tha World Blow) are still with that banging mentality, better step proper or not at all cause last time I checked was when someone disrespect me, causeing some sorta harm toward me, my family, or my nation, of caurse I will bangon you but I was always taught to show respect to others, its life. I come from a Christian home but I have studied Islam. I gave my religion up cause a few people calling me a terrorist cause what other muslims have done. I can enlighten you up on some real shit. Like I say come get some. To all my 2.15.19 & 19.15.19, This is going out to all you 16.13.12.

    B.o.S Doughman

  25. I ant enlightening noone upon nothing so I am sorry to say if you don't know what I speak off you will never know. There are a few that knows what I am saying. We get put down cause certain people that think we a gang, get this straight, we are much more than a gang, we have a cause. OUR FUTURE IS OUR KIDS. Bloods & Crips are the gangs that do drive bys, they kill people cause the colors they wear, that includes young children not more than 13 years old. Im gonna end this hoping that this helps you. I aint speaken no more upon this subject.

    7.4.14 Till Tha World

    B.o.S Doughman

  26. through tha thoughts of mind,body,and soul is to seek and find tru wisdom,knowledge,and understanding to all following gangstas who have the heart to bring this nation together we must become BROTHER OF STRONG STRUGGLE 2-15-19-19 6-3-6

  27. What's good? The reason Folks have and will continue to run the streets is because we are not just about banging but improving our community. Folks don't look for trouble, on the other hand we look for ways to prevent it from getting to a point we're we must use force. Folks know that knowledge is put here to help our minds grow and to help us become a better disciple for our nation. These so called gangs of America have what purpose? What goal do they strive for? The only goal I see is the same goal Hitler had for Germany and the goal KKK has for America. Hitler and KKK believed they are the only ones who belonged in their country. But yet we spite them when we do the same exact thing. Crips and Bloods and Folks and People Nations want the U.S to be flooded with only them. The same for all the other gangs and organizations out there. How can we speak about our ancestors struggle and our own struggle if we are creating a struggle for one another. No race, no gang, no organization will ever stand on top. There will never be one man standing. So why do we participate in the worlds destruction? It’s because we’re brainwashed with hatred for those who aren’t exactly like us. We love blood shed, we love violence, we love stupidity, and we lack knowledge, respect, and love for one another. The human species today is a savage one. Selfish in all we do, Conceited in all that we do, and weak in everything we pursue. o see the truth is to be blessed with a lesson and secret no one else cares to unfold. You discover the true meaning of Love, Life, Loyalty, Wisdom, Understanding, and knowledge. This is only one piece of the Disciple path…… The rest is yet to be discovered, learned, studied, and taught. Respect to Dan. And Respect to the G.

  28. Also when Folk began it was about 3 M`s. MONEY, MAC, MURDER. The money, the women, and taking out anybody that tries to stand in your way. Not kill that nigga cuz his Flagg is red. So to my fellow 6anGers out there Black, Latino, Asian, White, Native) really think about why you bangin on ya own race or other races when you can make peace with them and make money with them. If you're a leader of a organization give to the community that kept you safe dont`t kill the people living in it. Cuz in this war my baby cousins and great grandmothers are dieing in a war of red and blue. Which means what?

  29. If we as a people (Blue or Red) never understand that it's not about blue or red, but about green. Until we learn that knowledge, love, and understanding holds the key to our future, our young G's will continue to die unnecessarily, continue to overcrowd the peniteritaries, and continue to contribute to our own genocide of future generations.


    Hoover—West Coast

  30. Im a lake side G and Im from South Bend Its a lot of crazy NIGGAS
    out here

  31. To Lakeside G: Why we so crazy, though!!! I'll tell you why. We have been psychologically contained. What I mean by that is.. there is a system to the madness. If you look at our environment in almost every city in the U.S. where projects and ghettos are and you will find a freeway, railroad, or subway nearby. This is intentional. This system of access will become contained and blocked if a serious
    event occurs. The bar has been raised in the equality of employment, meaning if you are not educated formally, then you lack the skills set to perform certain tasks. The system knows if we are not educated, then we are not willing to accept chump jobs when we can sell dope, pimp, or connive and make a bank. The system already forecasts and predicts how many young G's will go to prison. How? They figure if you don't graduate from high school, it is already calculated what type of jobs are open to you..they know its a great possibility you won't take these type of the stage is set. Either you become a rapper and come up or you remain in the streets…then they just wait…

    Hoover—West Coast

  32. to all. im 17, young almighty disciple i just got out. im a convicted felone with everthing to lose. i love my brothers i have seen alot and heard alot. the main goal is money. not anger not hate,but that clouds your mind from seeing that. we need to learn to realy love our brothers and treat them as a brother. we should strive for the best and be brave through anything.


  34. im 74 until d world blow up, we are a specail group of folks who all strive fur knowledge everyday and if we abide by our concepts, we can overcome anything at any point of time and plac all we gotta do is be is all is 1 we r one the most powerful organazation in the world all u gotta do is learn our 6 point stars 360 and 720 and look back on how many of our brothers have defeated d truggle i leave all my folks of the world with nel and pml.i don slang and bang with the best of them for my nation and i always hold my head up high

  35. im 74 until d world blow up, we are a specail group of folks who all strive fur knowledge everyday and if we abide by our concepts, we can overcome anything at any point of time and plac all we gotta do is be is all is 1 we r one the most powerful organazation in the world all u gotta do is learn our 6 point stars 360 and 720 and look back on how many of our brothers have defeated d truggle i leave all my folks of the world with nel and pml.i don slang and bang with the best of them for my nation and i always hold my head up high

  36. Im a GD from mississippi and i see a lot of fakes around my hood. A lot of them say they are real but snort powder and smoke meth and majority of them went to school and got degrees or were in the military and got kicked out because of drugs or bad attitudes. They lost the concept of education, economical, political, social, organization, and unity. Like said in another comment i read they have been mislead by the ones they call leaders of the nation out here where im from. Now they're out here in the streets not growing and developing like we should instead they are falling. I also hear that we should murder who ever gets in our way but you cant prosper when you get your life took away. Pass them and continue on with your growth and development. I was in a situation where i was in a carwreck and got a settlement of over 100,000 dollars and put together some GD's in some apartments i was living in called Eastside in Magee, Ms. We had magee on lock with marijuana sales but we ranged from magee to jackson to collins to shivers thats over a hundred and something mile stretch we were small but effective. Never had any touble from the police because for one money will change everything. I gave the police that arrested me for a possession charge a couple hundred dollars and he gave me a pass even though my license were suspended if he seen me driving he will pop his seat belt to let me know to put it on or to let me know if something is ahead up the street. I had my cell phone and my car keys within 10 minutes after the arrest bailed myself and my friend out within forty five minutes after that. What i was saying is that even though i brought that together with everyone making money there was no loyalty among anyone but a few of us. The soldiers i brought together was branching off with other so called GD's who use more of their supply than distribute and all they wanted to do was get fucked up blow money on females instead of get money. What was so fucked up about the situation was i had so called B.O.S staying with me rent free because they didn't have jobs and i was giving them somewhere to stay until they got a job and we still was making money in the streets while only charging them a hundred dollars a month to live with me with utilities needed to be paid not including rent. For some of them i got charges dropped because of my moms connect with the police out here. They started changing and lying to others saying i was a vice loyd and they even went as far as telling the manager and police i stole over four hundred dollars worth of money out of one of the laundry room at the apartments just to get me kicked out on the streets and stop my making money because they knew i am not able to work because in my carwreck i crushed my hip and to a chunk off a bone in my back. Im only 21 years old and i feel as if i have more knowledge than the ones that suppose to be set leaders. Im on my lit from the 360 to the 720 i shouldn't be preaching and teaching to twenty seven and thirty year olds they should be teaching and preaching to me. But i pass them and left them to their down fall because if you give in to your lower self your flame will burn negatively and if your negative desires are strong enough your flame will eventually burn out. I'm one of the GD's who do believe in the growth and development teachings instead of the gang banging way. Yes i smashed some people but did not kill them just thought them that no matter what you do to me or how you think of me i will always be stronger because 6 times out of ten we are down but gangster disciple nation for now and all time.

  37. its all luv and its 7 4 on mines til im laid out and its no big “i”s n lil “u”s in within the nation but in keeping to our teachings i see alot of violation of our first law i kno yall tryna realign perception and eliminate common misconceptions but its not our place folks lets keep it street n show respect for our executive staff by honoring their wishes to keep it 100 his studies and deceptions are not our cause 2 15 19

  38. wat upfam,2 all my folks datz real g'z and tryin to get dis shiy right holla atcha B.o.S macon,ga is lost!!!!!!******


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