My grandfather died today.

I was the last person to say “I love you” to him.
I was the last person to drink a beer with him.

My girlfriend and I were the last to play cards with him — a three-game round of pinochle ending in a 1-1-1 draw.
My girlfriend and I were the last to hold his hands.

I love him so much.
This feels like a bad dream.

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9 thoughts on “My grandfather died today.
  1. Dan,

    i am sorry for your loss.

    i'm glad you got to spend those very significant times with your grandfather at the end of his life.

  2. My condolences Dan. Grief is odd in that it's not a spikot we can turn on and off. Funny too how greif so often comes with both laughter and tears. Love lasts.

    Thank you for this space for intelligent discussion. Return only when it feels right to you. We'll be here to welcome you.

  3. Rob & Damion,

    Thank you. I love you. Even in the pain of this death I am surrounded my love, both in place and in town. Before this I was in Lincoln with her, and before that in Texas with y'all, and before that in Indiana with Dave and his girl. Even attacked by death I am lucky.


    He called me “Old Faithful Dan.” I will remember that forever.


    Absolutely right. The grief is everywhere, but there is joy to. His funeral was so happy, so many memories, at his old church and his old farm. He belonged to a world grown old, but a world much loved.


    My body turns on your comment. I cannot describe it. Thank you.

    Mark, Eddie, Purpleslog, Mike,

    Thank you so much. Kind words mean the world.

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