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Video on 1970s-era Technology Initiatives

I’m unusually sympathetic to a John Robb post as I have a bad cold, as well. So today’s update isn’t politics or gossip — are just two 1970s information reels (one fake, one real).

The DHARMA Initiative (from Purpleslog via TV Squad)


The ARPANET Initiative (from Digg via Search Marketing)


(Interestingly, they both start out with similar, awful music. Hmmm…)

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3 thoughts on “Video on 1970s-era Technology Initiatives
  1. Ya gotta love F.J. Corbato in the ARPANET video.

    Seems that “Lost” is just regurgitating '70s nostalgia.

    Next they will be using scenes from “What will they think of Next”.

  2. I think I typed my first LISP program on one of the DECwriters shown in the second video!

    I loved that video – so nerdy, yet so fun to see their enthusiasm and ingenuity!

    [John R. Pasta sorta sounds like a 70's porn star name to me, though. And wasn't that T-Bag from 'Prison Break' counting money at the bank?]

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