Review of "My Secret," edited by Frank Warren

Frank Warren’s PostSecret is an internet phenomenon, and I have been lucky to have followed it over the past few years. Now that Frank’s new book is out, the publisher kindly gave me a review copy.

I liked the book, but as My Secret seems focused on teenagers, I did not feel competent to write my own review. Fortunately, my friend Quiet Thoughts took a look at my copy and posted a review.

Frank Warren, a strong supporter of 1-800-SUICIDE has made a compelling composition of post cards from teenagers and young adults. Each page is an insight into a personality that is more compelling than mere letters. The appeal of a post card is indescribable. It is a mini work of art that shows a person’s personality and mood, and the snippets written on them are condensed letters that anyone can understand with one glance.

Some of the pages are more disturbing, though. I discovered the more macabre side of my personality through this book, because it was the darkest pages the riveted me the most. Confessions of self-destruction, painful longing for friendship, and even affirmations of being apathetic to others, were not in short supply.

Read the whole thing.

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