Death and Near-Death

A cousin of mine, some years older than dad, died of a heart attack today.

My girlfriend’s car was sucked under a truck “like a leaf.” Fortunately, she is OK and we are picking her up now.

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5 thoughts on “Death and Near-Death
  1. My dear brother Dan,

    I cannot tell you how sorry and mournful I am for your loss. Losing your beloved ones is the most difficult and painful thing one has to go through. We have to accept that God chose to inflict this pain on us when we all have to divulge into our lives and daily struggles and watch our loved ones slide like stars in the sky. We do not realize how precious it was when we were all together with our family. We do not see that this is actually a gift. A gift that will be taken away one day. Suddenly. Shockingly. Painfully. With a mix of feelings that you have all these years left without him. One waits for the razor cut to heal. No avail. Even if it heals, the scar remains there to refresh your memories about the departed.

    Deepest condolences my brother/friend. Let God give you and your family the strength to endure this pain. I hope that he rests in peace forever.

  2. Kadir,

    Thank you. I miss you.

    I pray he is making jokes in heaven, and is excited by what he finds. And that he has a good view of water and trees.

    I love him.

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