This morning we got a call that dad’s office had been broken into. We rushed over and a friend of dad’s was already there — the man who called us also called an associate to make sure no one else snuck in, and nobody snuck out.

Fortunately it was just a scare: all the suspicious signs had good explanations, and nothing was missing or moved. We live in a good town, and have good people concerned about us.

The weather has not cooperated, however. Snow that began yesterday has been joined with wind, and two interstates nearbye are closed. This prevented us from visiting dad in the funeral home tonight, and will probably delay the burial (that was going to be tomorrow).

It is cold and terrible outside.

In here it is nice and warm, but lonely.

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One thought on “Scares
  1. My mother has always said that the weather reflects what's going on in people's hearts/souls “down here,” and last night, driving back from Omaha, the forecast called for blizzards and tornadoes in the same system, something they rarely see in February, and I couldn't help thinking of you. Reading through these posts, I am (as I've always been) amazed by your faith.

  2. fl – I think you're right about the weather. My mom says this reminds her of the horrible blizzard after my brother's death. my grandpa's funeral — the going-away of a kind man who loved his four grandsons and had a full life — was warm and beautiful.

    Stay safe on I-80! UNL's classes are out today, so it must be very tough down there.

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