Short Review of “The Frozen Sky,” by Jeff Carlson

The Frozen Sky is set on Jupiter’s Moon Europa, and reads as kind of a companion to Arthur C. Clarke’s novel 2010: Odyssey Two. Indeed, with some minor changes it could easily take place in the same literary universe as that book. The writing style reminded me of a cross between Arthur C. Clarke’s classic Rendevous with Rama, and the more contemporary Rama II.

In other words, anyone who loves classic science fiction will love this 99-cent e-book.

What is surprising is how fascinating the story is for anyone familiar with John Boyd — he of fast transients and the air force — will love it too. The speed of observation, orientation [, decision, sometimes], and action is analyzed on multiple levels.

A fantastic short-story. Highly recommended.

Update: The novella is no longer available. The author has since released a novelization of the short story.

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