Every Book I Read in 2017

My friend Tanner Greer posted a list of books he read in 2017, with the best books highlighted. I am stealing his idea because this was a great year for my reading: I finished the Bible, which allows me to at least recognize (if not understand) passages brought up in other Christian writings. In the lists below the best (most intellectual engaging, most interesting, most informative, etc.) book in each category is bolded. I also want to give special attention to “Christoph Luxenberg“‘s The Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Koran, which was so mind-bending and so challenging it increased the seriousness with which I took philology and comparative religion.

Without meaning to, it seems I selected many books on dimensional projection and the philosophy called “Realism. “The Book of Ezekiel, St. Thomas Aquinas, Death’s End, The Secret of Ventriloquism, and The Weight of Glory all share this theme.

At the moment, I am reading two additional books. Wrestling the Angel is an intellectual history of the Mormon church. My God is the LORD is very similar to The End of the Beginning.

The Holy Bible

The Apocrypha


Comparative Religion

Doctors of the Church

The Friars

Anti-Catholic Writings

Intellectual Biography

Science Fiction


Christian Apolgetics

Business Strategy

Politics and Political History


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