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Exodus to the Promised Land

As we walk from Egypt, the Land of Sin, to the Promised Land, to what or whom should we look? We’ll undoubtedly be in the Wilderness at the time. Should we gaze at Moses, the son of Miriam? The Pillar of Smoke that follows us? Our own faith in the LORD? The LORD Himself? Or even a snake on a stick?

That last one seems easiest.

In any case, I’m humbled to have seen such beautiful comments and posts recently. It reminds me of the golden of blogging.

First, I want to thank Dr. Richard Elliot Friedman for commenting on this blog. He responded to my impressions of The Exodus: How it Happened and Why it Matters with several interesting points. I’m especially curious about Dr. Friedman’s view of the use of multiple ancient sources to create the Bible and the motives of the person or people who did so.

Second, I need to thank Armchair Theology for the excellent follow-up to my impressions of Faith Alone by the Swedish Lutheran Bishop Bo Giertz. In turn, I learned of that reply by Eric Andrae’s thoughtful comment on my original post. It strikes me as core to the conversation that we all agree – and are all bothered by – that a plain reading of Faith Alone in 1943 implies those in occupied Europe should not rebel against the Nazis – those within Germany (at least) had an active duty to collaborate as long as they were free to proclaim the Gospel.

One of the great things about the Internet is having such conversations with active minds. I’m appreciative to everyone who makes this possible.

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